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Download images, mp3's, text, pages and more!

SurfWare Lab's Affiliate Program:

Join our affiliate Program:

Join our affiliate program!  Make a large percentage of every copy of Aaron's WebVacuum that you sell.  We will build a custom trial version of the WebVacuum for you which ensures that you get credit for every purchase from your distribution.  We get about a 2% conversion rate, which means that you should get a sale for about every 50 copies that get downloaded from your site.  We work with eSellerate and RegNow.  Click here for detailed information.

Aaron's WebVacuum Resources:

All of the images, descriptions and details that you need to promote Aaron's WebVacuum:



80 Char Description:
The WebVacuum download files, pictures, mp3s, videos, etc. from web sites.

400 Char Description:
Aaron’s WebVacuum is a utility that downloads files from web sites. Ideal for downloading pictures from web pages with thumbnails, all the mp3s from web sites, or all the files off of any site. The WebVacuum displays full-sized pictures, and can run unattended overnight. The user can customize the type of files to download, or the depth of the website to vacuum.

XML file:

Download Location (free/trial version):

System Requirements:
Windows 95 or higher (98,Me,NT3,NT4, 2000, 2003 or XP)

Box Shots, Screen Shots:



Box Shots:

Main Screen (640x534):

Main Image (225x236):

Expanded Image Screen:

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About Our Affiliate Program:

Make money by joining our affiliate program!  Earn a commission (20-30%) on each sale of Aaron's WebVacuum referred from your site. Partner with either of our resellers, eSellerate or RegNow.  You can then get a custom build of Aaron's WebVacuum with your affiliate link on the WebVacuum's "Buy Now" button.  To download a custom build of Aaron's WebVacuum for eSellerate, click here.  To get a custom build of Aaron's WebVacuum for RegNow, click here. (You must register to be an affiliate with either company BEFORE downloading the custom build.)

How does it work?
We will e-mail you a special link to use on your web site. When someone clicks on this link and registers the WebVacuum, you get a percentage of each sale.  Additionally, we can offer you a customized version of Aaron's WebVacuum with a 'Buy Now' button that links to this page at you site.  You may offer this version to your users.

How much does it cost to join?
Free.  There are no costs to join.

What's the catch?
There is no catch.  However, to make the this program worth your while, you should have at least 100 visitors per day at your web site.

How can I be sure that you will pay me?
The whole process is maintained by either eSellerate or RegNow.  They are both large internet corporations that have been in business for many years. They take care of tracking, processing customer's payment, and mailing out your checks.

How often do I get paid?
Monthly, when checks exceed $100.  Payment is sent out 30 days after the end of the month.

How can I keep track of sales?
Real-time reports are available through either company. When you register, you will get a personalized account, where you can log in 24 hours a day to get your real-time reports.

Do I have to live in the USA to participate?
No, you can be located anywhere in the world.

How do I sign up?
Step 1: Sign up for either eSellerate or RegNow..

Step 2: Get your custom build of Aaron's WebVacuum from either eSellerate or RegNow.

Step 3: Offer your custom build to users and get commissions!

Email us for more information!



Web Vacuum - Download EVERYTHING from Web Sites! Web Vacuum - Download EVERYTHING from Web Sites!
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